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We install Residential carpet with 8 pound pad.

-We offer a better deal than you can get at the big box stores!!-

Again-that is a 30 ounce carpet, a 8 lb. pad, free measurements, & 30 years of installation experience.

Honesty, Pride & Integrity is our claim to fame!!
(860)546-1245 is your best bet!

Licensed, insured and we will install it the next day, if you need it "QUICK".


Competitive Pricing
Professional Installation

"I called Rudy in the evening and he measured and installed the carpet over the next two days. He is easy to work with and does a great job."
Jeremiah StoverInvestor
"Five years ago Rudy installed his signature Berber carpet in a duplex that I am just now having him replace because of excessive staining - the carpet itself is still sound and if it wasn't for markers, paint, asphalt and who knows what, it would still go for many years. Highly recommend!"
Zechariah StoverAssistant Property Manager
"High quality Berber carpet installed for only slightly more than buying a lighter carpet myself - and then I would still have to install it!"
Julia K.